The Horse Boy A Father's Miraculous Journey to Heal His Son

Rupert Isaacson

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Penguin Books LTD Digital
mars 2009
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When their son Rowan was born, Rupert and Kristin's dream had come true. But the dream became a nightmare when their beautiful boy developed a disorder that left him incapable of communication, tormented by raging fits, requiring 24-hour care - and shattering their lives.Then, one day, father and son were walking in the woods near their house and stumbled across their neighbour's old brown horse, Betsy. What happened next was unlike anything Rupert had ever seen. Certainly, the effect on Betsy was extraordinary: she went stock-still and bowed her head, wide-eyed and quivering before the child. But when Rupert lifted Rowan onto Betsy's back, the effect on his son was nothing short of miraculous: Rowan started to speak...Shaken but exhilarated, Rupert proposed that the family make a journey to the ancient homeland of the horse, deep in the wilds of Mongolia, where he'd heard astonishing stories of healing and transformation. So began an epic journey on horseback, from their home in Texas to the furthest reaches of the planet - a journey that would test their love, challenge their beliefs, and change their lives.
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