Stronger My Life Surviving Gazza

Sheryl Gascoigne

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Penguin Books LTD Digital
octobre 2009
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In 1996, Sheryl became the most famous footballer's wife in Britain when lurid stories of physical abuse by her husband Paul Gascoigne became front-page news. However, as the most idolised footballer of his generation, Gazza was untouchable, and the fact that he'd been controlling Sheryl for years was quickly glossed over.Sheryl divorced Paul two years later, but their story wasn't over. She spent years trying to help him, supporting him when he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and visiting him regularly at the Priory. Last summer, distressed by Paul's disturbing OCD and bulimia, she decided to make one last attempt to save her former husband from alcoholic oblivion. She failed. But she did succeed in saving herself, and her children.Stronger is an empowering and inspirational memoir about a journey of love, courage and violence that was Sheryl's life with Paul Gascoigne. It is also a moving portrait of what it means to love and live with an addict. In finally voicing her side of the story, Sheryl is not only putting her demons to bed - she is also dispelling the myths about domestic violence and giving hope to the millions of people who are daily victims of this crime.
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