Lover Avenged

Ward, J R

Ouvrage indisponible

novembre 2009
Livre broché
174 × 123 × 36 cm
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Rehvenge, as a half-breed symphath, is used to living in the shadows and hiding his true identity. As a club owner and a dealer on the black market, he's also used to handling the roughest nightwalkers around - including the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.He's kept his distance from the Brotherhood as his dark secret could make things complicated on both sides - but now, as head of the vampire aristocracy, he's an ally that Wrath, the Blind King, desperately needs. Rehv's secret is about to get out, though, which will land him in the hands of his deadly enemies- and test the mettle of his female, turning her from a civilian into a vigilante...
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