Lost Patrol Legends of the West Trilogy

Hill Morgan

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The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group Digital
mars 2011
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Lieutenant Boyd Locklin's assignment to escort a wagon train through Apache territory ends in the massacre of those around him - but he emerges with a pretty young woman, the lone survivor. He goes on to acquire bitter enemies and face life-or-death duels - unharmed. But what will happen when he leaves his family for the unknown horizon of the Civil War? Will he emerge from prison camps and rattlesnake pits with the same carefree courage as before? Follow Locklin on an incredible itinerary of hair-raising battles with death!

A Man Who Laughs at Peril

When Lieutenant Boyd Locklin arrives at the wagon train he is supposed to escort through Apache territory, what he finds is a massacre. Later, Locklin withstands yet another Indian attack to find a pretty young woman - the massacre's sole survivor - by his side.

What will happen next, as he leaves his growing family for the shadows of the Civil War? Who can say how long Boyd's carefree courage will last, through close encounters with men and rattlesnakes...

From the Trade Paperback edition.
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