How to Murder Your Mother-In-Law

Dorothy Cannell

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Random House Publishing Group Digital
mars 2012
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@20@The award-winning author of @18@Femmes Fatal@19@ and@95@#160;@18@The Thin Woman@19@@95@#160;serves up the ubiquitous mother-in-law joke family style@95@shy;@95@mdash;with death for the punch line. . . .@21@@16@ @95@#160;@16@ Nothing like a live-in mother-in-law to reduce a woman to the role of junior housemaid. That@12@s what Ellie Haskell discovers when her husband@12@s parents have a row in the midst of their anniversary dinner, and mother Magdalene seeks refuge in Ellie@12@s guest bedroom. Suddenly Ellie is being driven round the bend by the woman@12@s constant demands.@16@@16@ Thank goodness for the other wives who also suffer the age-old mother-in-law curse. A chance meeting down at the Dark Horse pub finds them trading horror stories, and soon they@12@re mixing gin and tonics with homicidal fantasies@95@mdash;a soup@95@ccedil;on of poison here, a broken brake line there. All very therapeutic and no harm intended. At least, that@12@s what Ellie thinks. . . . @16@@16@@20@Praise for @18@How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;Vintage Cannell. . . . Dorothy Cannell is a master at creating wildly ludicrous characters and hilarious plots. . . . Her latest Ellie Haskell adventure only enhances her reputation.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@Booklist@95@#160;@16@@19@@21@@16@@95@ldquo;Side-splitting!@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@Rendezvous@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;Toxic and hilarious.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@Publishers Weekly@19@@21@
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