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octobre 2006
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I had to pick a gothic novel to read for school, so I choose Dracula by Bram Stoker, and I am glad I did. It is an old novel, but this doesn’t take away anything from its genius. Everybody knows the story of Dracula, the bloodthirsty vampire, a story of horror, fear, dread but also, of love. I am recommending this book first because it is a classic that should be read by all fans of literature. Even if you have seen the movies, this is the original Dracula and has details which no movie can fully capture. The reason I liked the book the most though, and why I think you will too, is because of how interesting and intriguing the character of Dracula is. He is so mysterious, evil, passionate, you keep reading on in hope that the author will shed some light on this mystifying vampire. Also, Dracula is a love story, which many people ignore before reading the book. Best of all, it is not a sappy “soap opera” love story, but one of passion and darkness.Basically, trust me and read the book, after all, it’s the famous Dracula, you have to like it.

Alexia Bedat, Reviewer, Alexia's Picks

Purity is priceless ...Count Dracula's castle is a hellish world where night is day, pleasure is pain and the blood of the innocent prized above all. Young Jonathan Harker approaches the gloomy gates with no idea what he is about to face ...And back in England eerie incidents are unfolding as strange puncture marks appear on a young woman's neck ... But can Harker's fiancée be saved? And where is the evil Dracula?
Né en 1847 à Dublin, Bram Stoker est auteur de romans. Il doit son immense renommée à son oeuvre la plus populaire, Dracula. Son histoire a donné naissance au mythe moderne du vampire, considérablement inspiré la littérature fantastique et n’a cessé d’être déclinée sous les formes et les supports les plus divers.
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