Wedgieman: A Hero Is Born

Charise Mericle Harper

CHF 3.90
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Random House Children's Books Digital
août 2012
Ebook EPUB
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In The Adventures of Wedgieman: A Hero Is Born, young readers will follow Veggiebaby from his humble beginnings on his journey to becoming Veggieman. Um, make that Wedgieman, since that's what the kids in the neighborhood all call him. Let's face it--children aren't the best spellers and, well, wedgies are a lot cooler than veggies!

But it's not all cauliflower and carrot sticks--Wedgieman has to fight some pretty bad dudes in his work as a superhero, yet the one battle he can't seem to win is the one over his superhero name.

Brought vividly to life by Bob Shea's graphic and stylish illustrations, The Adventures of Wedgieman blends Charise Mericle Harper's outlandish humor with tongue-in-cheek action that will delight young readers.The Adventures of Wedgieman: A Hero Is Born is the first book in the series, and two more are on the way!
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