The Valentine's Day Murder

Lee Harris

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Random House Publishing Group Digital
décembre 2010
Ebook EPUB
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What really happened that tragic Valentine's night on Lake Erie? No one knows. Three old buddies--reckless Matty, successful Clark, clever Val--decided to cap Val's birthday celebration with a stroll across the frozen lake. They never returned. Matty's scarf was found snagged on broken ice.

After the thaw, only the bodies of Clark and Matty are recovered--the latter with a bullet in it. Val remains missing, now a murder suspect. His desperate wife pleads with ex-nun investigator Christine Bennett to find him and prove his innocence.

A tall order, especially when Chris starts hunting for clues in the lives of these respectable suburbanites and their wives. And when she closes in on a truth that chills her to the bone, she suddenly finds herself skating on very thin ice.

From the Paperback edition.
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