Praying for Sleep

Deaver, Jeffery

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Signet Book
mai 2004
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191 × 108 × 29 cm
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DEAVER. DANGEROUSLY GOOD.Michael Hrubek, a young schizophrenic, has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. And he's making his way towards Lis Atcheson, the teacher who testified at his trial.Four people are racing to intercept him before he finds her. His psychiatrist; the hospital director; a professional tracker. And Lis's husband, who plans to stop Hrubek before the madman reaches his wife.But Michael's mind - with its delusions of murder and betrayal - is crystal clear about one thing. He knows Lis better than she knows herself. And he carries with him a monstrous secret that will tear apart many lives in the course of one horrifying night...'Seldom have more twists and turns, or more harrowing suspense, been packed into a single day - or between the covers of a single book...Superior' James Patterson
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