Out of Weakness Healing the Wounds That Drive Us to War

Andrew Schmookler

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Random House Publishing Group Digital
février 2011
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“A wide-ranging and deeply thoughtful meditation on the psychological sources of the danger to humanity created by the advent of weapons of mass destruction. It draws on a vast range of sources including psychology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, and religion, and is expressed with eloquence and grace.”--Dr. Jerome Frank, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Medical School, author of Sanity and Survival

“A remarkably thorough analysis of the proposition that is our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, which have made war inevitable–and that a change in those assumptions (including the unconscious ones) can free us from the scourge…This is a very hopeful book about a subject that leads many to despair…I believe it will be a most useful contribution to the dialogue about our national security dilemma.”--Willis Harman, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, author ofAn Incomplete Guide to the Future
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