Joy Luck Club, The

Tan, Amy

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Penguin Books
septembre 2006
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206 × 136 × 16 cm
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is the stories of four Chinese mothers and their four daughters. The daughters, having been brought up in , do not have the same values as their mothers and have very different views on life. However, through their stories, the reader sees that the daughters are more like their mothers than they think…. I picked this book because I think Amy Tan does a great job at portraying mother/daughter relationships. There are beautiful lessons to learn from the mother’s stories and very interesting forms of imagery used throughout the book. It gives the reader a good feel of what the result of culture clashes are like and the difficulties that can arise from them. It is a relatively quick read which I believe you will all enjoy.

Alexia Bedat, Reviewer, Alexia's Picks

There are so many things that a mother wishes to teach her
daughter. How to lose your innocence but not your hope. How
to keep hoping, when hope is your only joy. How to laugh for
ever. This is the story of four mothers and their daughters -
Chinese-American women, the mothers born in China, and the
daughters born in America. Through their eyes we see life in
pre-Revolutionary China, and life in downtown San Francisco;
women struggling to find a cultural identity that can include a
past and a future half a world apart.
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