Complete Novels, The

Austen, Jane

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Livrable entre 2 et 6 semaines environ

Penguin Classics
septembre 2006
Livre broché
233 × 178 × 56 cm
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Chroniques Payot

Coup de Coeur

This new edition of Jane Austen’s completed works is a pure treat. The edition itself outshines others: it is clearly printed [large lettering, easy-to-read typeface] and pleasing to the eye : beautiful cover, good binding, pretty illustrative decoration inside. It is a good anthology of all of Jane Austen’s novels including the often-excluded Lady Susan, a novella written in letters : correspondence between Lady Susan and her friend as well as the people around her and their families. It is a very interesting fable, about a thirty-something, famously beautiful flirt who is actually of a horrible, manipulative character. Like all of Jane Austen’s works, you finish it with a sense of awe at the way in which each character is portrayed and at the working of the story. It is always a sharp sociological critique – and the shortness of Lady Susan as well as how all the events are relayed through letter correspondence displays even more mastery. Jane Austen’s work has been experiencing a revival, which seems only natural as her books always comfort and give important tips on how to lead one’s life. There are many writers today who are deeply influenced by her, but it is always refreshing and rewarding to return to our Austenian roots

Lucy?s BookReview

Includes seven novels such as: "Sense and Sensibility", "Pride and Prejudice", "Mansfield Park", "Emma", "Northanger Abbey", "Persuasion", and "Lady Susan".
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